Welcome to the North Liberty Community Pantry website. Our mission is to engage our community in feeding and clothing our neighbors.


We’d like to welcome our incoming executive director, Kaila Rome! . 


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Executive Director, Tina DuBois, will be Leaving the Pantry to Start Next Chapter

Tina DuBois, the executive director of the North Liberty Community Pantry, announced she will be leaving the organization at the end of May.IMG_2332.JPG

“We’re thankful for Tina’s leadership and service,” said Sean Pearl, chair of the board of directors. “Tina has helped build this exemplary organization and will be leaving us in a strong and stable position to continue fulfilling our mission to feed and clothe our neighbors in need. We’ll miss her contributions, and we wish her well.”

Tina joined the North Liberty Community Pantry in 2005 as a master’s student at the University of Iowa’s School of Social Work, and was hired as the organization’s executive director in 2008. In 2015, the North Liberty Community Pantry distributed nearly 300,000 pounds of food and toiletries to families in North Liberty and surrounding Johnson County.

“Balancing a high responsibility job with my husband’s professional responsibilities and our two young children has always been difficult. The pantry is in a good position, and it’s a good time for me to step aside,” DuBois said. “I plan to spend the summer with my children and to work part-time in the fall.”
During her tenure, DuBois has helped spearhead initiatives such as the construction of a new building to house the pantry, starting a teaching garden on the pantry grounds, hiring additional full-time staff, and beginning an endowment to help ensure the pantry’s financial stability.

Her role includes oversight of the pantry’s daily operation, management of more than 140 regular volunteers, as well as community outreach. DuBois has been an active member of the Hunger Project, a collaborative group of all Johnson County pantries, and sits on the HACAP Food Reservoir Advisory Council.

The Pantry is a place where people come together and support one another. Community is built every day in the Pantry. The families we serve help each other, volunteers and families get to know each other, and the community becomes stronger as a whole.

What makes our pantry special?
One thing that makes us special is our “shopping” approach. In 2006 we took a leap of faith and changed from distributing pre-sacked bags to providing a client-choice method of food distribution. Families choose what they need and there are few limits on more expensive, less available items such as meat and toiletries.

Why shopping? This is a question we forget to ask ourselves anymore. We had some very skeptical volunteers at first, but shopping has become a unique and successful way to help families meet their needs. Research says standardized boxes increase waste. Up to half the food given will not ultimately be consumed. For us, however, in the end it is more about the respect we provide each other and the community building that develops through the relationships that are created in the Pantry.