Our Structure

The Pantry is an outreach ministry of First United Methodist Church of North Liberty in collaboration with the community of North Liberty.  It has its own board of directors with both church and community representatives.

Kaila Rome, Executive Director

Amanda Vincent, Garden & Special Projects Coordinator

Bikere Ikoba, Volunteer & Services Coordinator

Jake Putnam, Marketing & Development Coordinator


The Organizational Chart 2018 of the Pantry includes 6 committees.

Board of Directors

  • Nick Bergus, Board Chair
  • Beau Brown, Vice Chair, Grant Writing Committee
  • Dave Jansen, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair
  • Judy Bornkessel, Recorder, Marketing/Fundraising Committee Chair
  • Edith Cintora, Volunteer Support Committee Chair
  • Sue Nelson, Operations Committee Chair
  • Sean Pearl,  Garden Committee Chair
  • Matt Swift, Golf Tournament Chair
  • Dawn Lyons, Marketing/Fundraising Committee
  • Katie Tsilosani, Pantry Representative
  • Kyra Corbett, Volunteer Support Committee
  • Greg Dils, Finance Committee, Grant Writing Committee
  • Sarah Goettsch, Garden Committee
  • Brad Kunkel, Garden Committee


Board Minutes