Challenge Your Peers!

Host A Fundraiser Or Drive

Carson King is an Iowan who proved Peer-to-peer fundraising WORKS after he raised over $3million for the Children’s hospital. With that in mind, the Pantry has a limited reach when looking for donations of food and financial contributions. BUT with the help of friends and neighbors in our community we can increase the number of supporters infinitely! Here are a few ways to make it easy, from hosting an online fundraiser, to setting up a food drive, to donating your birthday! Read ahead for more info.

1. Hosting an Online Fundraiser

Hosting your own peer-to-peer fundraiser is now easier than ever with our GiveLively account! First, go to our page at

Once you’re there, scroll DOWN to find a button that says “I want to fundraise for this”

I want to fundraise for this

Then you’ll have to fill out a form to customize your fundraiser! Upload any images you like, use it as an opportunity to advertise your business, explain your mission, and set your fundraising goal! ($1 donated buys 4 POUNDS of food.) landing page

After that your fundraiser is created! This will act as smooth landing page for donors to donate. Press the ‘copy link’ button or ‘share this page’ to post it on your social media or email. Spread the word and you can help us reach more people than ever before!

2.  Host your own Food Drive!


About 10% of the food distributed at NLCP is donated from an individual or food drive. These donations are GREATLY appreciated as they provide wider variety than the food the Pantry purchases wholesale. People of all ages have ran their own successful food drives! Encourage your business, coworkers, customers, kids, classmates, teams, bands, or whatever to collect food! We would be happy to provide you with a Top Ten Needs poster or donation bins to facilitate this process. Donations are accepted Mon-Thurs from 9AM – 5PM at the Pantry’s warehouse door.