PEAS Initiative

Pantry Education Activities & Samples (PEAS) initiative is headed by a team of volunteers at the Pantry. The initiative focuses on implementing curriculum in the Pantry using the NLCP Education Program Framework.

PEAS provides recipe samples, week-long education on food safety tips, and much more! If you would like to get involved in this initiative or the subcommittee, you can contact Ilsa at

Special thank you to  Theisen’s More For Your Community Grant and Frontier Natural Products Co-op for supporting our work.

Check out our blog posts below on recipes you can make using ingredients available at the Pantry. These recipes are simple and healthy!

img_6934             IMG_7292.JPG             IMG_7751

Black Beans Brownies                                    Bean & Cheese Quesadilla                               Hack Your Mac






5 Tips for a Bountiful Garden

My Plate 

All our neighbors are unique, and when it comes to healthy eating, each one of us must find our own ways to incorporate healthy eating into our lives. The MyPlate, MyWins video series features real-life families sharing their tips for success.


As we look at promoting good nutrition with the families we serve, we find that they need three things:

  • Good, nutritious food
  • Education on preparing and eating healthy food
  • Concrete items such as pots and pans

One way we have worked to help families improve nutrition is through our Kitchen Helpers classes, sponsored by a Clifford BEBIG grant. The following video is from one of these classes.