Volunteer Opportunities

We have a wide variety of opportunities available for volunteers. These include:

Working a shift in the Pantry:
This involves being in the Pantry when it is open to the public. Pantry shift workers greet families that come to the Pantry, help them get food and/or clothing, weigh the food after it is selected, stock shelves, and complete general cleaning and straightening. Shift hours are Monday 9:45-12:15, Tuesday 9:45-12:15 and 2:45-6:15, Wednesday 9:45-12:15, Thursday 9:45-12:15 and 2:45-6:15, Saturday 9:45-12:15.

Stocking and sacking food:
This involves coming when the Pantry is not open, stocking shelves, and making up sacks that will be given out to families during open hours (flexible hours).

Picking up donated food:
This involves picking up food from retailers that have agreed to donate to the Pantry (times vary).

Organizing clothing:
This involves gathering, sorting, arranging, and putting away clothing donations (flexible hours).

Administrative support:
This involves doing administrative support work such as scheduling volunteers, record keeping, writing thank you notes, etc. (flexible hours).

Food drives:
This involves working with teams during and after food drives to collect, sort, and put away donations (scheduled once or twice a year)

Serving on a leadership committee:
We have four committees that oversee the operations and planning for the Pantry. Each takes on a different aspect of ensuring that the Pantry operates to its full potential! (committees meet monthly with times varying according to the schedules of committee members)

  • Operations: prepares for the day-to-day work of the Pantry and support tasks.
  • Finance: tracks donations, spending and prepares the budget.
  • Volunteer Support: provides recruiting, training, scheduling, and support for volunteers.
  • Fundraising and Marketing: helps link the Panty to the community through awareness-raising and donation