Our Support

Many neighbors have played an essential role in the Pantry’s operations since 1985, including funding, donations, time, and talent. All our partners fit together to help continue Pantry operations. The Pantry’s ability to provide food and clothing, a teaching garden, promote healthy eating, and more is only made possible with the support of our neighbors.

Financial Information

The Pantry maintains its financial records separate from the church but is included under the non-profit (501(c)(3)) status of the United Methodist Church. All donations to the Pantry are tax deductible.

Funding for the Pantry comes from a variety of sources. In 2017 our funding came from:

  • Community contributions (individuals and businesses)- 71.2%
  • Grants – 11%
  • Fundraising Events – 13%
  • Government Contributions – 5.6%

Pantry expenditures have historically been very modest and have consistently been kept at or below income. Cost of food and toiletries is minimized by purchases from the HACAP Food Reservoir and bulk purchases at discounted prices. In 2015 food costs were about 12 cents per pound.

The total cost of an average visit to the Pantry by a family was $22.80. Families receive an average of 36 pounds of food and 3 items of clothing at each visit. This is very economical for the services provided.