Special Circumstances

Some volunteers have special circumstances. These can include groups, youth and students, and others. Please contact the Volunteer & Service Coordinator regarding these types of special volunteer opportunities.

Court-ordered Community Service (Group)
The Pantry may be able to accommodate groups of volunteers completing court-ordered community service hours if on-site supervision is provided by the Department of Corrections (or similar entity). Requests must be directed to the Volunteer & Service Coordinator a minimum of two weeks prior to the desired starting date.

Court-ordered Community Service (Individual)
The Pantry has limited volunteer opportunities for individuals completing Community Service hours through the court. Court-ordered service will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Youth Service Project Volunteers (Individual)
Youth are able to complete the general orientation and become regular volunteers. The Pantry is able to accept four to five students in the spring and fall for youth service projects. Students must make arrangements with the Volunteer & Service Coordinator. Specific dates and times will be scheduled in advance. Only one student is allowed per pantry shift. A minimum of two weeks’ notice is required. All students are required to read, sign, and agree to our confidentiality standards. The Pantry may not be able to accommodate all youth who need service project hours.

University/College Student Volunteers (Individual)
The Pantry can accommodate one or two college students who have service learning requirements per semester. Students should contact the Volunteer & Service Coordinator a minimum of four weeks prior to the date they would like to start their learning experience. Specific information about the hours and activities required to meet the class specifications are needed. The Pantry may not be able to accommodate all college students who need service learning hours.

Group Volunteers
Volunteer groups such as church, university/college organizations, or businesses seeking volunteer opportunities at the Pantry may be accommodated on a limited basis. The Pantry requires a minimum of one month notice to schedule group volunteer opportunities. Volunteer opportunities may not be available at all times and all days. Contact the Volunteer & Service Coordinator to discuss a possible day and time to volunteer.