Our Mission

North Liberty Community Pantry exists to engage our community in feeding, clothing and connecting our neighbors to resources and services.

Vision Statement:

We are a resilient community. We are the path through which our community meets its members’ needs for food and clothing. We empower neighbors to share resources, providing opportunities towards an improved quality of life.

Value Statements:
We believe —

  • everyone has the right to be free from hunger
  • everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect
  • families need community support to be successful
  • families have the right to self-determination
  • the community has a role/social responsibility in providing for their members
  • everyone deserves to have the option of healthy nutrition choices, along with the access to knowledge and resources to implement healthy eating

Our mission, vision, and values are integral to what we do each day, and we know that we are living them out by what families say to us. For example, we received a note from a family that said:

“Recently, I was struggling financially and needed to start utilizing the food pantry at your location. I can’t begin to give enough thanks for the pantry literally being the only source of food that my children and I have had for over a month now. It takes very special, loving people to reach out and give their time to those in need.”

For a look at the accomplishments and statistics from 2019: Annual Report 2019

For a detailed view of NLCP’s financials  NLCP 2019 Financial Audit.

An overview of the Pantry operation is available in our NLCP Brochure .

For a more detailed look at our plans for the Pantry, please see our Strategic Plan