Make a Recurring Gift

What’s the BEST way to give back to our friends and neighbors? Pledge an automatic, monthly gift! This is a convenient and effective way to support the pantry. Every little bit counts! Here’s how to set up Monthly Payments through Facebook. But if that doesn’t sound appealing, there is another option below.


No Paypal account needed! Click this link HERE and make sure to check the ‘Make this a monthly donation’ box. That’s it!


OPTION TWO: Facebook

STEP 1: Go to North Liberty Community Pantry’s Facebook ( Click the DONATE button in the top right corner.
How to 1

How to 2STEP 2:
Be sure to click the MONTHLY DONATION option so it turns blue. After that it’s as simple as choosing a payment option, typing in the needed information, and confirming the donation with the bottom blue button. Facebook offers a secure and convenient payment option, with no processing fee. This is an amazing way to create sustainability at the pantry, for as little as $10 a month.



Don’t want to deal with donating online? No problem! There is another way to make Automatic Monthly Donations. Please complete the donor form or contact us if you would like information about making automatic monthly donations. Automatic monthly donations will be made on the date specified. If the date specified is a holiday or weekend, the funds will be transferred on the last business day prior to the designated day.

Thank you so much for making a difference in the community!
$1 Donated = 4 Pounds of Food!